SA Fall Fest 2017

SA Fall Fest 2017

Our annual Fall music Festival held on the UB North Campus.

Doors Open

09/02/2017 05:00pm

Starts at

09/02/2017 06:00pm

Ends at

09/02/2017 11:00pm

Fall Fest 2017:



Seating Chart:

Baird Point
Arena Lot
Alumni Arena

Having problems reserving your ticket?

Only UB Undergraduates can reserve tickets for Fall Fest. Our reservation system is based upon a list of those students who are officially undergraduates as supplied by UB. If you are unable to reserve a ticket, come to the SBI Ticket.

THERE WILL BE NO TICKETS SOLD TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC - UB Undergraduate Students can request a single ticket to bring a guest to the event while our limited supplies last. You are are now able to select a guest ticket option when you register, but be aware that you will still have to purchase this ticket at the arena box office.

In an effort to provide a safer, more comfortable and overall better experience for the students:

  • All tickets are assigned to a specific zone, which guarantees you a spot in that zone
  • Only UB Undergraduate Students are able to obtain tickets to this event
  • We've zoned the patron areas to relieve the pushing of the crowd
  • Changed the zone layout for better line of sight for the crowd
  • We've made all of the public restrooms available through the building


  • You must first reserve your ticket here, by clicking the register button below
  • Once you have reserved your ticket, you will receive a confirmation Email
  • You can log back in and swap your ticket if there are other tickets available
  • Undergraduates are entitled to 1 FREE ticket each; until SA runs out of available tickets.
  • Your specific ticket will be tied to your UBID. This pairing will be verified when you enter the venue. The ID used to obtain the ticket MUST be the same ID used when you enter with that ticket.
  • Tickets will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. We are limited by the amount of room in our venues. We will accommodate as many people as safety will allow.
  • If tickets are still available by the time the doors open, we will make these tickets available to UB Undergraduates who arrive before 9:45pm.
  • Tickets will ONLY be given to UB Undergraduate Students, with a valid UBID. The UB Undergraduate Student Association pays for this event entirely. No other student governments (graduate, medical, law, etc) have contributed to funding this event.
  • There are no longer sales to the General Public (beyond the guest tickets).

*** Your UBID will be essential to entering Fest. Without it, we cannot allow you to enter. It is your responsibility to make sure that your card is in good working order and in your possession the day of the show. Please replace your card at the UB Card office if your card is worn out or not working.***

We attempt to hold Fall Fest outside each year. Unfortunately, we have to make this weather call days in advance of the show, based on the best information available to us. If weather allows, we will try to hold Fall Fest at Baird Point first, the Arena Lot next to the Stadium second, and in as a last option, inside the Alumni Arena.

We will announce the location of Fall Fest Wednesday August 30 by 5pm.

Seating Charts: Baird Point Arena Lot Alumni Arena


  • Re-Entry has never been allowed at a fest, our new card swipe system will limit you to 1 entry, if you leave for any reason, you cannot re-enter
  • UB is a smoke-free campus, there is no exception to the re-entry policy for smoking
  • Vaporizer Pens and similar are not allowed at the event 

All tickets are in reserved zones:

  • Our patron areas will be zoned off into color coded sections with easy access to restrooms and concession areas
  • Your reserved ticket will be assigned to one of these zones
  • You can enter the concert any time between 5pm and when our headliner takes the stage
  • NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO CUE/LINEUP BEFORE 4:30. Anyone arriving before 4:30 will be asked to leave by UPD.
  • No entry after the headliner is onstage (about 9:45)

These items are NEVER allowed at Fest:

  • Bags and backpacks are not allowed, small purses will be searched
  • Weapons
  • Food, drinks, or alcohol
  • Illicit drugs and/or related paraphernalia
  • Professional cameras or recording equipment
  • Glass containers
  • Signs/sticks and umbrellas
  • Flags or banners
  • Voice amplifiers or noisemakers
  • Cigarettes/Tobacco products including vaporizer devices
  • UPD will not allow anyone visibly intoxicated or under the influence of other substances into the venue

 Important Dates & Times:

Monday 8/21/17 @ 10am Ticket registration opens
Monday 8/28/17 @ 10am-4pm Ticket pickup - SBI Ticket Office - Student Union 2nd Floor

Thursday 8/31/17 @ 5:00 pm Any tickets not redeemed will be made available to other UB Undergraduates
Saturday 9/2/17 @ 4:30 pm Line opens
Saturday 9/2/17 @ 5:00 pm Doors open
Saturday 9/2/17 @ 6:00 pm Fest Begins!!!


Having problems reserving your ticket?

Only UB Undergraduates can reserve tickets for Fall Fest. Our reservation system is based upon a list of those students who are officially undergraduates as supplied by UB. If you are unable to reserve a ticket, come to the SBI office between 10a-5p Mon-Fri.

We will also have a troubleshooting desk at the Alumni Arena after doors open.

Ticket Swapping has ended due to high UB Undergraduate Student demand for tickets.

Registration for this event has ended.